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Digital Hall Monitor

Class Incentive

Promote Responsible Behavior 

HELP students manage their trips and time out of class

Positive Structure

Provides your staff the structure that allows students to know how to regulate their time out of the classroom and eliminate teacher - student dialogue so focus can be on instruction.

Faculties include teachers of varying classroom management levels. The hall monitor allows faculty of all levels the ability to uphold the same standards in every classroom. 

All Teachers

Campus Bank Hall Pass


Know where your students are at all times. Hall monitor helps ensure there are no unsafe opportunities due to proximity, location, or population.

E-Hall Pass

Efficiency and Accountability

View trends over time to determine where time is being lost. Spend time

and energy with who and where it is needed. 

Campus Bank


Innovative engineering allows all staff to update students without creating false records. Never worry about having students missing from system. Never worry about users accidentally deleting or altering data. Intuitive design ensures that all faculty will use with ease. Historical data is saved in real time and can be accessed with ease.


  • Annual subscriptions are priced in tiers of 250 students per package, starting at $5/student

  • Introductory discounts available 

  • Partnership rates available for qualifying communities

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Existing users please contact us at or email/call your campus specialist directly. 

*Include phone number, the possible event of junk mail/quarantine email routing may occur when contacting schools/school districts.

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